Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Funny :)

Ryder thinks everything is pretty hilarious these days. Here's a video proving that....


Monday, April 5, 2010

Lots of Pictures

It's a good thing this boy is not camera shy because he's been the subject of a lot of different photographers recently! Before I quit work, our sweet babysitter, Jamie, took tons of pictures of Ryder. We didn't even know she was doing it or that she was getting started in photography, and she surprised us with a big stack she had printed. Here's some of her handiwork....

Then Jeremy's cousin who also does photography, Kasey, was here from Baltimore in March and she took some great pictures of him too! Here's a few of my favorites....

The last photo shoot (not including all the mommy shots in between) was with cousin Brock. Deborah and I took the boys to have their pictures taken together. Ryder isn't smiling, but for 2 boys who were 6 months and 4 weeks old, I think we got a pretty good picture, both looking at the camera and no crying!
And here's a couple of Ryder from that day....
What a good little model!

Stay at Home Mom!

This is one happy boy because his mommy is at home with him all the time now! I have officially been a full time stay at home mom for 4 weeks now. It obviously didn't make me a better blogger, but I think it's made me a better mommy.
Ryder and I have been busy in our first 4 weeks of full time togetherness. He started physical therapy and occupational therapy because his development is a little delayed. We always knew this was a possibility because of the bleed he had on his brain when he was born. Even if you're expecting it though, it's not fun when a "professional" tells you your child is delayed. But God continues to show us grace and remind us of the confidence and hope we have in Him. He is in full control of all the things that happen with our little boy and we trust in Him to take care of Ryder and all his needs. I think it's no coincidence that the first day anyone told us that Ryder had some delays was on my first day at home with Ryder. I was given several activities to do with him to stimulate his development. So Ryder and I do his daily exercises every morning and have lots of good quality playtime throughout the day incorporating exercises! There are a lot of things around the house I thought I would have already gotten done in 4 weeks that haven't been touched, but I've been working on the most important thing! We quickly started seeing some big improvements in the things Ryder is doing and it's so exciting to watch. I'm certain we made the right decision to have me at home full time and I love it! I'm pretty sure Ryder loves it too!