Friday, November 19, 2010

The Long Awaited Update

It’s no secret that we’re terrible at updating our blog. I would have thought that people had just quit checking it by now, but I still get emails and comments letting me know we’ve failed to keep the world informed of the details of our lives.
The question people ask the most is about Ryder’s medicine. I guess that would be since we let everyone know what was going on, asked for prayer that the medicine would work and have no ill effects, then we left you all hanging to guess for yourself where we are now. So sorry! Ryder is continually making good progress. He’s still pretty delayed on his motor skills, but always making forward progress – slowly but surely! He is handling his medicine well…we just never know if his progress is due to the medicine working or if he’s just growing and developing on his own schedule. We recently started backing off of the dose of medicine we’re giving him to see how he does without it. If he digresses and we can clearly see the medicine is helping him, we’ll be more than happy to keep giving it to him. But if it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether or not he takes it, we’ll more than likely stop giving it to him. We want him to have it if it helps him, but we don’t want to medicate him for no reason. So that’s the reason for our “test”. He’s still such a little guy so it’s hard to know what the medicine is or isn’t doing in his body. You can pray with us that God will give us wisdom as his parents to know what to do in this situation and that our “test” will have clear results.
Thank you for continuing to check in on our family after such a long period of no updates from us!
Don’t worry, there’s plenty of pictures in the posts below!

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